Non-linear model of serial dilutions with Stan

Modeling the standard curve of a standard dilution experiment with Stan as presented in *Bayesian Data Analysis* by Gelman *et al*.

Conducting a Bayesian analysis with 'rstanarm' and publishing with 'distill'

A brief description of the tools and process behind my recent analysis of data from a study of the 'Facial Feedback Hypothesis'.

Bayesian analysis of the 'Facial Feedback Hypothesis'

My own visualization and statistical analysis of the data from a replication study of this famous phsycology paper.

Tidy Tuesday

This links to my repository of `#TidyTuesday` submissions. This is a series of notebooks and scripts that analyze a different dataset each week where I experiment with various modeling and data visualization techniques.

Riddler: Can You Beat MLB Recods?

A simple statistical solution to this Riddler accompanied by descriptive simulations.

Uncanny X-Men: Bayesian take on Dr. Silge’s analysis

I present a breif take on Dr. Silge's Uncanny X-Men analysis using Bayesian methods.

Riddler: Can You Just Keep Turning?

Using simulation in R to solve this directionally-discombobulating puzzle.

Riddler: Can you solve the not-so-corn maze?

How I used graph theory in R to solve a mathematical corn maze.

Riddler: Can You Track The Delirious Ducks?

I used simulations in R to solve this Riddler about how long it takes for confuded ducks to find each other in a pond.

Riddler: Can You Roll The Perfect Bowl?

I used simulation with to approximate the solution an older Riddler. I used an gradient descent-like method to gradually narrow in on a precise estimate.