Experimenting with multi-level and hierarchical splines in PyMC

I experimented with different structures for multi-level and hierarchical splines in PyMC, including using a multivariate normal prior distribution over the spline parameters.

PyMC3 MCMC performance with and without Theano's NumPy BLAS warning (updated with PyMC v4 comparison!)

Does the warning 'Using NumPy C-API based implementation for BLAS functions' from Theano when using PyMC3 affect the performance of MCMC?

SwiftBar plugin for storing text snippets

My simple application to put oft copied text in easy reach in my Mac's menu bar.

Type hinting a list subclass in Python with function overloading

How to support type hints of the dunder methods on your subclass of the built-in Python list using *function overloading*.


Python package for interfacing with Boston 311 API.

Bayesian analysis of the 'Facial Feedback Hypothesis'

My own visualization and statistical analysis of the data from a replication study of this famous phsycology paper.

Exploration of the latent input space of a Progressive Growing GAN

We trained a Progressive Growing GAN to produce realistic, yet novel, hand radiographs and explored its latent input space to identify an embedding of bone age.

Xcode Logger Notes

A few useful notes for using the logging system in Swift apps on Apple platforms.

Text Summarization App

A web application that summarizing text down to an adjustable percentage of the the most important sentences.

Sudoku Solver

A web application that solves [Sudoku puzzles] using linear integer programming.