Text Summarization App

A web application that summarizing text down to an adjustable percentage of the the most important sentences.

Sudoku Solver

A web application that solves [Sudoku puzzles] using linear integer programming.

Creating a Streamlit web app, building with Docker + GitHub Actions, and hosting on Heroku

A step-by-step tutorial on creating a web application with Streamlit, building a Docker image with GitHub Actions, and hosting on Heroku.

Advent of Code (2020)

This links to my repository with my solutions to the Advent of Code 2020 programming challenges.

Fitting a spline with PyMC3

How to fit a spline using the Bayesian modeling framework PyMC3.

Colorize black-and-white photos

How to use DeepAI’s Image Colorization API to colorize black-and-white photos using Python.


An iPhone app for tracking when plants have been watered. There is also an Apple Watch app that makes work in the garden a bit easier. (demo GIFs)

Apple Watch Telemetry Recorder

An Apple Watch application for recording telemetry data during a workout and uploading the data to iCloud Drive. Mathematical models are then fit to the data to identify the various stages of the exercise (e.g. the down and up positions of a push-up).

Workout Spinner Apple Watch App

An Apple Watch application that randomly selects quick exercises using a Wheel-of-Fortune-like spinning wheel.

Riddler: Can You Beat MLB Recods?

A simple statistical solution to this Riddler accompanied by descriptive simulations.