data science

Dirichlet Regression with PyMC

I provide a simple example of a Dirichlet regression in PyMC. This form of generalized linear model is appropriate when modeling proportions of multiple groups, that is, when modeling a collection of positive values that must sum to a constant. Some common examples include ratios and percentages.

Comparing ML/AI summarizations of papers

Automatically download and parse research articles then summarize them with various ML and AI models.

PyMC3 MCMC performance with and without Theano's NumPy BLAS warning (updated with PyMC v4 comparison!)

Does the warning 'Using NumPy C-API based implementation for BLAS functions' from Theano when using PyMC3 affect the performance of MCMC?

Bayesian Data Analysis

The steps I have taken to learn how to conduct Bayesian data analysis.

Exploration of the latent input space of a Progressive Growing GAN

We trained a Progressive Growing GAN to produce realistic, yet novel, hand radiographs and explored its latent input space to identify an embedding of bone age.

Text Summarization App

A web application that summarizing text down to an adjustable percentage of the the most important sentences.

Sudoku Solver

A web application that solves [Sudoku puzzles] using linear integer programming.