data analysis

Non-linear model of serial dilutions with Stan

Modeling the standard curve of a standard dilution experiment with Stan as presented in *Bayesian Data Analysis* by Gelman *et al*.

Bayesian Data Analysis

The steps I have taken to learn how to conduct Bayesian data analysis.

Mixing centered and non-centered parameterizations in a hierarchical model with PyMC3

How to build a hierarchical model in PyMC3 with a mixture of centered and non-centered parameterizations to avoid the dreaded funnel degeneracies.

Conducting a Bayesian analysis with 'rstanarm' and publishing with 'distill'

A brief description of the tools and process behind my recent analysis of data from a study of the 'Facial Feedback Hypothesis'.

Bayesian analysis of the 'Facial Feedback Hypothesis'

My own visualization and statistical analysis of the data from a replication study of this famous phsycology paper.

Exploration of the latent input space of a Progressive Growing GAN

We trained a Progressive Growing GAN to produce realistic, yet novel, hand radiographs and explored its latent input space to identify an embedding of bone age.

Text Summarization App

A web application that summarizing text down to an adjustable percentage of the the most important sentences.

Sudoku Solver

A web application that solves [Sudoku puzzles] using linear integer programming.

Advent of Code (2020)

This links to my repository with my solutions to the Advent of Code 2020 programming challenges.

Tidy Tuesday

This links to my repository of `#TidyTuesday` submissions. This is a series of notebooks and scripts that analyze a different dataset each week where I experiment with various modeling and data visualization techniques.