I recently made a request to have some graffiti removed by the city of Boston and used their 311 service for reporting non-emergency crimes. I found it an interesting service and decided to look closer into it. They provide an free API for the service, so I decided to make this Python package to interface with the API.

Below are features of this package:

  1. Get a collection of all services offered by Boston 311.
  2. Get a collection of all service requests with some useful filters.
  3. Get information for a specific service request.

All underlying data models were parsed and validated with ‘pydantic’ so there is increased type safety and helpful hints for your IDE.

Use the links at the top of the page to check out the source code, documentation, or find the package on PyPI.

Joshua Cook, Ph.D.
Joshua Cook, Ph.D.
Computational Genomics Research Scientist

I am a computational biologist with a particular interest in Bayesian modeling methods.