Leadership Roles


Private Tutor

Sep 2018 – Present Cambridge, Massachusetts
I am a general tutor for a high school freshman. Therefore, in any one night, we will range from history to physics to computer science. Mainly, I ensure that he understands the material and help him grasp topics he finds difficult. While I have a good handle on most of the information covered, sometimes his course material stretches well beyond my comfort level (for example, his Mandarin course). When I find myself in these scenarios, I probe his understanding by asking questions and having him teach me the material.

Scholarship and Opportunities Program (SOP) Peer Scholars Mentoring Program

UCI Scholarship and Opportunities Program

Sep 2016 – Jan 2017 Irvine, California
I helped three UCI Barry Goldwater Scholarship applicants prepare their applications. Though the applicants had research experience and strong academic standing, they are inexperienced in drauing national scholarship applications. As I have won the Goldwater Scholarship and applied for the Churchill Scholarship and Fulbright Fellowship, my goal was to guide these students through the process and assist them in crauing a strong application.

LARC Tutor Advisor

UCI Learning and Academic Resource Center

Mar 2016 – Jun 2017 Irvine, California
I instructed LARC tutors in improving their tutorials and teaching methods. In addiXon, I spent a lot of Xme interacXng with the tutors to make sure they were managing their course load and job in an efficient and healthy manner. I had an administraXve role, as well. In parXcular, I orchestrated the scheduling and creaXon of LARC tutorials and handled day-to-day problems that inevitably arose.

Irvine Little League Manager

Irvine Ranch Little League

Feb 2016 – Jul 2017 Irvine, California
My first year, I co-managed a Majors division (11 - 12 year olds) baseball team in the Irvine Ranch Little League and co-managed the 11 year-old’s All Star Team over the summer. My second season, I managed my own team in the AA division (8-10 year olds). I fulfilled several administrative roles including aIending league meetings, organizing parent volunteers, and scheduling practices and games. My goal as a manager of these young boys was to emulate maturity, determination, and level-headedness, especially when under pressure.

Campuswide Honors Program Peer Mentor

UCI Campuswide Honors Program

Feb 2016 – Jul 2017 Irvine, California
I assisted four incoming freshmen in acclimating to UC Irvine. I supported them by alerting them to useful resources, answering questions they have about classes, and helping them work through a stressful period in their academic career.

LARC Tutor

UCI Learning and Academic Resource Center

Aug 2015 – Sep 2016 Irvine, California
I led group tutoring sessions for undergraduate students as part of the Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC) at UCI. I have tutored an Introductory Biology course, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Calculus.