Experimenting with multi-level and hierarchical splines in PyMC

I experimented with different structures for multi-level and hierarchical splines in PyMC, including using a multivariate normal prior distribution over the spline parameters.

Type hinting a list subclass in Python with function overloading

How to support type hints of the dunder methods on your subclass of the built-in Python list using *function overloading*.

Mixing centered and non-centered parameterizations in a hierarchical model with PyMC3

How to build a hierarchical model in PyMC3 with a mixture of centered and non-centered parameterizations to avoid the dreaded funnel degeneracies.

Conducting a Bayesian analysis with 'rstanarm' and publishing with 'distill'

A brief description of the tools and process behind my recent analysis of data from a study of the 'Facial Feedback Hypothesis'.

Exploration of the latent input space of a Progressive Growing GAN

We trained a Progressive Growing GAN to produce realistic, yet novel, hand radiographs and explored its latent input space to identify an embedding of bone age.

Xcode Logger Notes

A few useful notes for using the logging system in Swift apps on Apple platforms.

Text Summarization App

A web application that summarizing text down to an adjustable percentage of the the most important sentences.

Sudoku Solver

A web application that solves [Sudoku puzzles] using linear integer programming.

Creating a Streamlit web app, building with Docker + GitHub Actions, and hosting on Heroku

A step-by-step tutorial on creating a web application with Streamlit, building a Docker image with GitHub Actions, and hosting on Heroku.

Fitting a spline with PyMC3

How to fit a spline using the Bayesian modeling framework PyMC3.