SwiftBar plugin for storing text snippets

My simple application to put oft copied text in easy reach in my Mac's menu bar.

Setting up Appwrite on DigitalOcean

A step-by-step tutorial on how to get a powerful backend system up and running on Digital Ocean.

Counting Coffee

A suite of projects for tracking my coffee consumption.


An iPhone app for tracking when plants have been watered. There is also an Apple Watch app that makes work in the garden a bit easier. (demo GIFs)

Apple Watch Telemetry Recorder

An Apple Watch application for recording telemetry data during a workout and uploading the data to iCloud Drive. Mathematical models are then fit to the data to identify the various stages of the exercise (e.g. the down and up positions of a push-up).

Workout Spinner Apple Watch App

An Apple Watch application that randomly selects quick exercises using a Wheel-of-Fortune-like spinning wheel.

Germination Tracker iOS App

A simple app to help me record data on my seedlings.

Plant Tracker iOS App

An app to help my mom keep track of and care for her plants.